4 Ways To Plan A Wedding On A Limited Budget

Planning a beautiful wedding takes a lot of time and commitment. However, this also possible even if you are doing it on a limited budget. An inexpensive wedding can be well planned without compromising on the quality of the reception whilst focusing on the essentials that matter to you most and investing in them more. Here are a few guidelines to learn from:


Define the most important aspects of your wedding

Discuss the most needed elements of your wedding with your fiancé and choose 3 or 4 important things that you would like to be handled by a team of professionals such as the food and photography or the décor. Planning is the key to saving time and money on other non essentials. A wedding reception in Singapore can still look elegant and glamorous while being on a budget and there is no need to compromise with today’s umpteen ways of alternatives available.

Pick an off season

There are always seasons for weddings and if you pick an off season it is very likely to get discounts on major elements like the venue, hotels and the food. Make sure you ask for any special rates and packages when booking for a wedding. The location of the wedding can be simple yet elegant too like a beautiful city owned garden can make the whole experience a memorable one as opposed to spending hefty amounts on for example a luxury yacht as a venue.

Planning early

As always, planning early can not only help you get some valuable discounts and rates for certain items, it also leaves you plenty of time to get your friends and family together to make your own DIY projects. This not only helps you to personalize your wedding adding much more depth and value in a quality reception, it will also give you some additional time to bond with your family and friends. You could make your own invitations and this would be even easier if the number of guests is limited. The decorations can also be made by you, simple tulle ribbons which are inexpensive but at the same time very elegant can be made in to simple ribbons and tied on to the chairs.

Simplify your food and drinks

The best way to keep your costs low is simplifying the food spread available, so instead of a formal buffet style dinner with many dishes, it would be simple and personalized to go for your favourite dishes accompanied by some side dishes. Buying the alcoholic drinks yourself in bulk will save a lot of money if the venue allows you to do so. Otherwise, some simple signature drinks would suffice.