The Top Things That Wreaks A Day

We, human beings are an innocnet victim of thesmall things, we do not notice, that will ruin our whole day. It would be a person, a habit, a character, or an incident which is very miniscule. It is hard to have everything and process everything conciously. Therefore, our mind will help us process certain stimlus unconciously which lead to an pre occuppied mind which is thinking abou something. There are certain stimuli whoch would affect certain types of people immediately. We have listed them out for you. That way you can avoid them and make sure your mood is not spoiled in the morning and spoil the whole day way before you could even start.

Disorganised cupboard and messy house

Th first important thing is that will ruin your day is the messy or disorganised closet. You can either follow closet organizers for sale tips and ideas which will help you to keep your closets in a well organized manner. When you plan to wear a dress but when you are running late or anything, if you are unable to wear that particular set of clothes, it might be struck with you the whole day. Your brain wanted it and would unconsciously keep processing the needed information.

You should keep your things in place in your house that will make it easier for you to choose and select your day with whatever you want. Many people would prefer star bucks rather than their own home because it would take forever for them to find the right ingredients. You can get one of the home organizer furniture, which will help you to keep your cereals and powders in that which will of course help you when you are hurrying to college or work.

Listening to movies or songs in certain times

It is certainly a disaster when you listen to movie or songs in night right before you go to bed. This might come out during sleep or early in the morning when you are getting ready. This is bad because most of the time you will not remember the song from the start, it will be from middle and will totally irrelevant  to the song’s begining. But, it will keep irritating you until find the song that synchs with your lyrics in you head.

You should not see movies mainly not the ones which is scary and fear evoking. This will give you nightmares or disrupted sleep which will affect your sleep. Disrupted sleeps will give raise to headaches and migrane which will affect your whole day.