Types Of Teachers And Where You Will Find Them

Teachers are the heart and soul of the student and who he becomes after he or she leaves school or college. There times in this world where the influence of one teacher can change a student from being the president of the country or the CEO of the most looked at company to an ordinary individual who is just employed to gain a living. Such, is the power that a teacher possess. Here are the different typesof teachers that exist and what you need to become one and where you will be able to find one.

Academic Teacher

If you have a thing for a particular academic subject, it could English or Maths. You may teach it to mature students at colleges. This is a very highly sought out job and it has a very high competition in entering this field to teach because unless it’s a new college the chances are there will be a lecturer who is already doing lectures for your particular subject. You need a minimum of a Masters degree in your particular subject.

Secondary Teacher

This is the teacher that prepares the student for college life or the society because you don’t know if the student wishes to attend college or start working. He or she normally teaches between the grades nine to twelve which depends on how the education structure is in the country. For this you will need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree but some schools requires a Master’s degree.

The patient teacher

This is the kind of teacher who needs to work with little kids in the best kindergarten Hong Kong. The children can be really annoying and stubborn that you need a lot of patience to work and teach them. You are responsible in setting the foundation to young adults of the next generation.

Be it a local or international kindergarten you have to have a bachelor’s degree for some state or just course of some sort regarding elementary education or early childhood education.

Special teachers

These teachers are mostly found in either elementary or high school where they directly look in to the children who have learning difficulties or mental disabilities. The teacher will work together with not only the student but also stake holders of the student to help improve the condition of the student. A bachelor’s degree is needed for this and also a course or a major in special needs education.

There are many more types of teachers who help mold and polish the students to become the next leaders of the country and the world. Teaching has no restrictions or just one type of teacher that you can become even a kid can teach you something.